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EDMO Distributors Acquires Quick Shot Avionics Installation Reference Manual

EDMO Distributors, a global leader in the distribution of avionics, test equipment, and install supplies, has announced the acquisition of Quick Shot Avionics Installation Reference Manual.

The acquisition of Quick Shot builds on EDMO’s mission to provide an all-inclusive line of products alongside its exceptional customer service.

When first introduced in December of 1994, Quick Shot became a standard shop tool for avionics installers.

Long after Quick Shot was discontinued, installers still asked if they could purchase the manuals.

“EDMO always has a customer focus, and we are thrilled to re-introduce this popular manual” says Jeff Geraci, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The Quick Shot manual currently has 334 pages of detailed wiring diagrams covering more than 50 manufacturers.

Users can reference popular and legacy connectors with accurate pin designations.

The re-formatted individual pages contain bold manufacturer titles with model numbers, illustrations, specifications, schematics, and special case notes.

The insert is packaged in a bright yellow, 6-ring binder.

EDMO will be releasing an updated revision within the year with new parts included like ELTs, ADS-B products, and much more.

“EDMO has big plans for Quick Shot as many new products have recently hit the market,” says Geraci.

“Quick Shot will evolve with the innovations being introduced in today’s avionics systems.”