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EBAA welcomes rule to ensure all-weather access

Ensuring all-weather access at secondary and tertiary airports is very important for the Business Aviation community, the EBAA recently stated. That’s why the association is welcoming the new Performance Based Navigation Implementing Rule.

A press release read: “Our sector is now in a position to optimise access at more regional airports as this technical innovation is a way to allow more precise navigation and ensure safe operations in all weather conditions. It thereby improves European airport capacity and safety.

EGNOS enables precision approaches with vertical and lateral guidance –based on the so-called ‘Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance‘ (LPV).

LPV approaches guarantee similar performances to ILS cat I (200 feet/800 meters visibility) approaches but do so without the costly ground infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the latter.

The European Commission has published the regulation laying down airspace usage requirements and operating procedures concerning performance-based navigation.  The regulation opens the door to the large deployment of EGNOS-based procedures at secondary and tertiary airports.

The EBAA, having actively provided views on the drafts of the implementing rule, and closely collaborated with many stakeholders and the European institutions such as the European Commission the European GNSS Agency and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), considers the regulation as an exceptional step forward in easing the access to European regional airports.

The business aviation segment is a pioneer in the use of EGNOS and most new business aircraft are already equipped. Operators can start using published LPV procedures immediately, without making any upgrades, just by obtaining the operational approval from the authority where the aircraft is registered.

The increasing EGNOS penetration will bring real benefits to Regional, Business, Rotorcraft and General Aviation, and hence to the European connectivity and economy.