Duncan Aviation’s Dallas Satellite adds drone repairs to its capabilities

Brian Chavez, a Satellite Avionics Tech I and a trained drone technician in Duncan Aviation's Dallas location works on a UAV

Duncan Aviation’s Dallas Satellite shop recently started performing repairs to commercial cargo drones in an effort to provide support to the emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry.

The Dallas Satellite is the first Duncan Aviation service facility to add this capability to the list of avionics services already offered.

Mark Cote, Vice President of Duncan Aviation Components Services and Satellites says: “We are excited to begin serving customers who are investing in this emerging technology.

“Providing services for UAV operators is an extension of our core business and a good example of how we grow and innovate to better serve the industry and our customers as they evolve.“

As the use of commercial drones is getting more popular across the US – from delivery of groceries, medicines or food, to aerial photography — the demand for services to maintain these aircraft is also growing.

Like any other aircraft, these units require scheduled inspections and unexpected repairs.

By compiling trusted and experienced teams ready to provide the required services, Duncan Aviation is working to help UAV operators keep their fleet flying.