Duncan Aviation named a BendixKing repair partner

Duncan Aviation was recently selected by BendixKing as a select BendixKing Repair Partner. This designation gives Duncan Aviation authorization to repair, overhaul and sell BendixKing components.

“We are pleased to be chosen to continue to support BendixKing products and are certain that Duncan Aviation’s extensive avionics and instrument experience, customer service and value, along with our 50+ year relationship with BendixKing, were all keys to this designation,” says Kevin Miesbach, Duncan Aviation Components Business Development Manager.

Very few avionics repair facilities were selected to be a BendixKing Repair Partner. As a Repair Partner, Duncan Aviation will continue its long relationship with BendixKing and will provide 24/7 repair and overhaul service, support and sales for more than 100 BendixKing avionics and instrument units, including the following:

KHF-950 System

ART 2000/2100 Radar

KFC-400 Autopilot System

The agreement includes all BendixKing repair capabilities that Duncan Aviation currently has and provides access to additional repair capabilities.