Duncan Aviation installs first LoPresti BoomBeam lighting system in Phenom 300

Duncan Aviation recently installed LoPresti Aviation’s BoomBeam High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system in a Phenom 300, the first in the industry to receive the lighting upgrade.

Completed at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek, Michigan, facility, the Duncan Aviation installation technicians worked with LoPresti engineers to develop and receive an installation deviation approval to avoid removing the aircraft’s fairings.

“The paint design on this Phenom aircraft has four different colors, some which are hard to match,” explains Duncan Aviation Project Manager Mark Davis. “So it was important to the customer to keep the fairings in place, therefore keeping the integrity of his paint scheme intact.”

The BoomBeam HID lighting system replaces older technology while providing lights that produce three to 15 times more light, engineered specifically for each model aircraft. Benefits of the BoomBeam HID lighting system include increased safety, reduced electrical load and heat output, decreased AOG time for lighting issues as there are no filaments to break, and a color that more closely approximates natural daylight. The system also comes with a five-year/5,000-hour warranty.

The BoomBeam HID landing and taxi light system for the Phenom 300 aircraft features dual light array landing light pods, taking a four-light system to a more robust six-light system. The combined light output from all six lights on this system significantly increases the safety of the aircraft. With the extended range, pilots have more time to see and avoid possible wildlife or obstancles on the runway during night operations.

“I am very happy with the system,” says Luke Krepsky, Aircraft Manager with Exec Aire, LLC. “In addition to the extra time viewing the runway on landing, on the ground, the light pattern extends farther and wider than the stock lights, a very welcome addition for anyone operating at airports with dark ramp and taxiways. The additional two lights allow for MEL flexibility, and the HID system has high expected reliability.”

The ability to see more with the aircraft lighting system has already proven its worth, Krepsky says. “Our airport has a deer issue … several times I have had deer just within view on the side of the runway, too late to react if they would have been in my path.

My very first night operation with the new system, after being amazed with the view of the runway, I was greeted by four deer crossing the taxiway in front of the aircraft. They would not have been visible with the stock lights, and I was able to warn the inbound aircraft of the potential deer near the threshold.”

Last fall, Duncan Aviation announced that its satellite avionics shops and workaway stations would offer quick, flat-rate installation of the BoomBeam system on a variety of business aircraft. The pricing varies, depending on the airplane make and model, and the lighting system chosen.

LoPresti Aviation manufactures lighting systems for multiple aircraft makes and models, with Supplemental Type Certification (STC) and Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA) covering more than 550 aircraft models.

To see a demonstration unit of the BoomBeam lighting system, customers are encouraged to contact Duncan Aviation and schedule a visit at one of our locations. We have a portable demo unit available and would encourage anyone interested in the technology to schedule a time to see it first-hand.