Duncan Aviation delivers complete CL-3500 paint

Duncan Aviation CL-3500

Duncan Aviation has announced the company has delivered its first complete CL-3500 paint job from its full-service maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Duncan Aviation Project Manager Doyle Garrett explained that all the aircraft in the customer’s fleet had the same paint scheme, so once they took delivery of their new CL-3500, they brought it straight to Duncan Aviation in Lincoln who had provided paint services to them on the other aircraft in their fleet.

Garrett said: “We had all the details from their previous schemes, so it made for a rather smooth experience,” .

“Our team was excited to work on this new airframe, and it made it even more rewarding for us that it was for a long-time Duncan Aviation customer.”

A Long-Time Customer

The Director of Maintenance (DOM) for this project has been bringing aircraft to Duncan Aviation since 1996.

The DOM said: “When I brought the first aircraft, a LR-55, to Duncan Aviation’s facility in Lincoln for a 12-year inspection, there was freshly poured concrete in the lobby.

“All of the other hangars and buildings were not there yet. I’ve enjoyed watch the company grow and expand over the years.”

The DOM explains that the reason he’s continued to bring aircraft to Duncan Aviation over the years is because the two companies share very similar values.

“As far as family-owned businesses, the two are very similar,” he said.

“You don’t just work on airplanes, you take care of the family as well. That’s what kept me coming back.”