Duncan Aviation Delivers 32-Year-Old Falcon 900B Looking Like New

Duncan Aviation recently transformed a 32-year-old Falcon 900B into a personalized business jet that met the customer’s business and personal expectations. With nearly all preowned aircraft purchases, some form of paint, refurbishment, or installation work is often needed to personalize the jet for its new owners. This aircraft was no different.

Greg Hatcher, owner of The Hatcher Agency, in Little Rock, Ark., values the time-savings of a business aircraft and is willing to invest in customizing a pre-owned plane to meet his needs. “I purchased this aircraft, knowing it needed love and care. In the end, I flew away with an aircraft that looks better than the new one next to it on the ramp for a lot less money,” he said.

The project’s original workscope included a new paint scheme with a new logo and a complete interior transformation that included a floor plan modification.

Using a Duncan Aviation STC, the aircraft was modified for high-density, 16-passenger occupancy, including eight single seats and two 4-place divans that were foamed and upholstered to appear as if they were meant for three.

The seat leather is a light creamy color using a black welt cord as an accent to outline the features. The lower sidewall is black leather with an embossed pattern to give more dimensions and a contrasting stitch for added detail.

The galley counter was finished in a light solid surface with a subtle grain to contrast with the rich, dark, straight grain veneer applied vertically for a classic look.

The carpet is a simple plaid with shades of black, grey, and cream to coordinate with the seats and divan. A coordinating vinyl floor was selected for the galley for more durability and ease of maintenance.

The two items that had the most significant impact on the overall appearance were the modification of the drink rail design with a thinner profile and the Duncan Aviation-designed PSU to give it a modern and updated look. Blue, lighted cupholders were a must-have to incorporate the owner’s favorite color and provide an accent within the interior.

Hatcher stayed very involved with the project’s design decisions, wanting a modern look that would not quickly go out of style. “Mr. Hatcher is very visual and relied on our design department’s guidance and the input of his family members,” said Senior Designer Stephanie Kuhn. “We illustrated many interior and paint options and selections along the way to ensure that he understood the design and overall aesthetic intent and felt comfortable with his final decisions.” Kuhn credits Hatcher’s involvement and open communication for the project going very smoothly, without any surprises. 

The original workscope changed many times after the aircraft arrived at Duncan Aviation’s MRO in Lincoln, Neb. A new Honeywell Ovation CMS (Cabin Management System), API winglets, FANS, and Gogo Avance L5 Wi-Fi were added.

Each new addition extended the project and pushed the delivery date. However, Hatcher wasn’t concerned with having to wait. “I never regret doing something right. I always regret cutting corners,” he said.

It was Duncan Aviation’s reputation that brought this work to Lincoln. “When it comes to reconfiguring the interior of a Falcon aircraft, no one has the quality and experience of Duncan Aviation,” Hatcher said. “The sales team was knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions. The Duncan Aviation team took the time to work with me every step of the way. They made the process easy for me.”

Hatcher went on to add that everyone at Duncan Aviation was a professional and provided excellent service. If they found anything wrong, they made it right and made it safe. “It was remarkable to see this project come together. It is a true testament to Duncan Aviation’s commitment to their customers,” he added. 

This Falcon 900B will be returning to Duncan Aviation at a later time for the installation of an updated EFI-890 flight deck.