Duncan Aviation announces CJ3 Pro Line Fusion Upgrade pricing

Three years after Duncan Aviation and Rockwell Collins first announced their partnership to upgrade the Citation CJ3 aircraft with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics suite, Duncan Aviation has 19 installations completed or in work.

Operators who sign up with Duncan Aviation before December 31, 2018, will receive a baseline installed price of $335,000 for the Rockwell Collins CJ3 Pro Line Fusion upgrade.

In addition, for those who wish to add the second GPS to their upgrade and who, prior to the end of 2018, get their upgrade on Duncan Aviation’s schedule, Rockwell Collins will provide the second GPS unit free of charge.

“According to the Summer 2018 volume of the Aircraft Bluebook, the Pro Line Fusion upgrade adds an average retail of $375,000 to the aircraft’s value,”  says Jeff Simmons, Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales Rep.

“That’s a 110% return on investment! With this increased value, years of experience, and new special pricing, there isn’t a better time for CJ3 operators to upgrade to Pro Line Fusion.”

“CitationJet owners have excitedly embraced the Pro Line Fusion upgrade and without exception, they have been thrilled with the way their aircraft functions and responds after the installation as well as with the service they received from Duncan Aviation throughout the installation,” Simmons continues.

Duncan Aviation has 19 CJ3 upgrades completed or in work with a total of almost 30 commitments. Thirteen aircraft have been completed at Duncan Aviation’s facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, with four completed at the Battle Creek, Michigan, location, and one completed at the Provo, Utah, facility.

Along with being certified WAAS/LPV, the baseline Pro Line Fusion upgrade meets the current 2020 mandate for ADS-B, as well as giving a clearer path for future advancements in airspace management.

The Pro Line Fusion upgrade replaces the factory-installed portrait displays with larger 14.1-inch landscape touchscreen primary flight displays.

The new system includes intuitive, touch-interactive maps, and easy-to-use icons, giving the pilot the ability to control items on the screen through touch as well as through two new cursor control panels and a new QWERTY keyboard, which replaces the current FMS CDU mounted in the center pedestal.

In addition to installing the Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics upgrade, Duncan Aviation gives CJ3 operators the option to take advantage of the aircraft’s downtime and receive new paint, a new interior or other avionics upgrades and options.

Recently the company completed installation of Tamarack winglets along with the cockpit work.