Duncan Aviation and Gogo Business Aviation develop new Challenger certification

Duncan Aviation and Gogo Business Aviation recently worked together to develop a new Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installing the Gogo ST 4300 Iridium Satcom Satellite Telecommunication System configuration for Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) 1/A+ in a Bombardier Challenger 604 variant (Challenger 605 model).

This new STC includes Challenger 605 aircraft, serial numbers 5701 through 5990.

“This STC is designed for customers who have the Gogo Axxess II system installed in their aircraft. Although that system will be replaced, they will be able to keep Gogo Iridium and upgrade to the Rockwell Collins Proline 21 Advanced with FANS,” said Avionics Sales Representative Justin Vena.

“From the perspective of a customer who already has the Gogo Axxess II systems, adding the ST 4300 will integrate with existing Air-to-Ground (ATG) systems for broadband internet capability.

Further, customers can continue to use existing handsets for their voice communications.”

This STC when installed along with the factory Service Bulletin 605-34-019 Proline 21 Advanced will help customers achieve a FANS solution to satisfy the upcoming 2020 mandate in a cost-effective way.

The ST 4300 combines global voice and data functionalities into a single box to reduce weight and size. It takes everything Iridium can offer, including FANS and ACARS, and lets the customer configure cabin and flight-deck connectivity based on their specific needs and budget.