Detroit Airport set to soar with Avflight partnership and major revitalization efforts

Rendering No. 2 for Avflight DET

Avflight, along with the City of Detroit, announces the first significant initiative in 50 years to rejuvenate Coleman A. Young International Airport (KDET), marking a new chapter in Detroit’s aviation history.

Last year, the city received FAA approval to institute a 20-year airport development and strategy design plan, enabling the airport to apply for federal funding to subsidize infrastructure upgrades.

Now, as an integral component of the rejuvenation effort, the city offered Avflight a 30 year-leasehold, the first such long-term lease in the airport’s history.

The long-term lease not only reflects the city’s confidence in Avflight as the airport’s sole FBO, but also allows the company a path forward to significantly invest in the property.

Beginning this summer, Avflight will construct a modern terminal measuring—at a minimum—3,000 square feet, along with a 15,000-square-foot heated hangar next to the existing terminal.

The structures will greatly enhance the airport’s amenities, services and security, making KDET an enticing option for transient visitors, airport tenants, charter operators and more.

Brad Dick, Detroit’s chief operating officer, said: “There is so much potential at the Coleman A. Young International Airport, and after several years of hard work, residents and visitors alike will begin to see signs of the enormous change to come as Avflight kicks off construction this summer.

“I look forward to a few years from now, when Detroit once again has a truly state-of-the-art airport within our city limits.”

Avflight has provided essential services to the airport’s flight operations since moving onto the field in 2011.

It has operated on the airfield since then under short-term leases, earning a reputation over the past 13 years for safely providing care to aircraft, pilots and passengers.

Avflight also aids the city in providing maintenance for the airport’s infrastructure.

In doing so, the company has and continues to greatly assist the city in preserving the operational integrity of the airport.

Joe Meszaros, Avflight’s vice president of operations, said: “We’re proud of our operation at KDET.

“We’ve always seen the value in preserving Coleman A. Young International Airport’s operations and have worked hard the last decade and a half to not only keep it operational, but also make it a successful enterprise—one that supports the city’s economy by serving as a gateway to Detroit business and as an employer of Detroit’s citizens.”