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Conklin and de Decker to host 19th annual aircraft acquisition seminar in Arizona

Conklin & de Decker, a JSSI company and leader in aviation research, consulting and education is hosting its 19th Aircraft Acquisition Planning Seminar on December 4–5, 2018, at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Unique from other seminars and workshops, the Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Acquisition Planning (AAP) Seminar is designed to answer the myriad of questions a prospective buyer faces when buying, selling and owning an aircraft.

This year the seminar introduces a new format featuring panel discussions to incorporate multiple viewpoints on key ownership topics.

“This seminar demystifies the acquisition process and presents the various alternatives in an objective way. For our 19th seminar, we’ll bring together a variety of aircraft owners, operators, and professionals involved in the aircraft purchasing process.

Our panel of experts will cover every detail involved in planning an acquisition in today’s environment,” commented Jason Schwab, president of Conklin & de Decker.

“In addition to experts from Conklin & de Decker and JSSI, we have assembled an outstanding group of industry experts, including keynote speaker, Phillip Derner, NBAA western regional representative.”

The information shared in the AAP seminar will assist the aviation professional that needs to develop a plan for changing their aircraft fleet and will help determine which aircraft best meets their mission profile.

Attendees will learn about the often confusing federal and state taxes associated with aircraft acquisitions, depreciation, and owners’ trusts, as well as the analysis of the various financing alternatives and ownership structures.

The latest details about aircraft management, registration and creating a budget for an aircraft operation will also be covered in this comprehensive seminar.