Cirrus Aircraft reveals next generation Vision Jet

Cirrus Aircraft recently announced the launch of next generation theVision Jet–G2–with enhanced performance, comfort and safety for the world’s first single-engine Personal Jet. 

The upgrades will improve passenger experience, new executive seats, thoughtfully-engineered noise reduction and a passenger productivity console highlight numerous G2 cabin upgrades.

The FAA certified the latest version of Cirrus’ Vision Jet back in 2016, which goes higher, faster and further than previous models expanding to Flight Level 310 (31,000 ft) and raises performance for the all-new aircraft.

Pat Waddick, President of Innovation & Operations, said: “The Cirrus Aircraft story is one of relentless innovation. Much like the last 20 years of re-imagining the SR Series with constant improvements to performance, safety and comfort, the G2 Vision Jet is the culmination of that same spirit of innovation.”

With an increases in cruise altitude, speed and range join the newly-upgraded Perspective Touch+TM by Garmin® flight deck. Innovative technologies unique to G2 include an auto-throttle, flight stream connectivity and more.

Mr Waddick said the aircraft is another ‘game-changer’ in personal aviation that is made by Cirrus Aircraft’s world-class team.

Photo credit: Cirrus Aircraft website