Centennial Airport celebrates 50th anniversary by contributing to thriving aviation community

KAPA, Centennial Airport is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018 and TAC Air APA (TAC Air), a Phillips 66® branded FBO, has been part of the thriving aviation community in Denver, Colorado for 18 years, playing an influential role in the continued business development and growth of the area.

Nestled on the edge of the Denver Technological Center, only 30 minutes from downtown Denver and an hour north of Colorado Springs, TAC Air APA has an influx of executives and business clientele who make use of the 24/7 operations, executive terminal and impressive hangar space.

The Morgan Adams Foundation partnership is not the only way TAC Air gives back to the community. In conjunction with the organization Dog is My Copilot, Inc., the FBO routinely assists with transportation of abandoned pets to forever homes or rescue shelters.

Recently the FBO took part in the relocation of dogs and cats from areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. In 2017, TAC Air APA received six planes filled with rescue animals and provided food and water at their first stop before continuing the journey to forever homes.

In addition to serving business-based customers and helping Denver thrive, TAC Air APA keeps their sights set on charitable efforts and bolstering the vibrant aviation community of the Greater Denver Area.

When asked about the FBO’s partnership with Phillips 66, Bryant says, “Phillips 66 has done a beautiful job as a fuel supplier – one of the few companies that has a long-standing and sincere commitment to aviation. They have a rich history rooted in the passion for aviation and have been a great partner.”

TAC Air APA currently utilizes all of the Phillips 66 offerings, including participation in WingPoints® Rewards Program and NATA Safety 1st Online Training.