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Bombardier Announces Preliminary Full-Year 2022 Financial Results

Bombardier today unveiled preliminary 2022 financial results, highlighting areas for which it expects to exceed full-year guidance.

The company will release its fourth quarter and full-year 2022 results as scheduled on February 9, 2023, and will also hold a live webcast and conference call for investors at 8:00 a.m. EST that same day.

The webcast and relevant financial charts will be available at ir.bombardier.com.

Preliminary full-year 2022 results(1)

Continuing operations onlyExpected Results for 12-month period ended
December 31, 2022
Updated 2022 Full-Year Guidance(2)
Aircraft deliveries
(in units)
Revenues~ $6.9 billion> $6.5 billion
Adjusted EBITDA(3)~ $930 million> $825 million
Adjusted EBIT(3)~ $510 million> $375 million
EBIT~ $535 millionn/a
Free cash flow(3)~ $735 million> $515 million
Cash flows from operating activities~ $1,070 millionn/a
Net additions to PP&E
and intangible assets
~ $335 millionn/a

Preliminary full year results on non-guided metrics include a full-year 2022 unit book-to-bill(4) of ~ 1.4, year-over-year order backlog growth to ~ $14.8 billion, and adjusted liquidity(3) of ~ $1.7 billion.

Adjusted liquidity at year-end includes cash and cash equivalents of ~ $1.3 billion plus certain restricted cash supporting various bank guarantees of ~ $0.4 billion. Adjusted liquidity excludes the secured revolver facility previously announced in November 2022, which remains undrawn.