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BACA ‘disappointed’ in Volga’s choice to cease using brokers

Photo: BACA Chairman, Richard Mumford.

BACA has offered a statement on learning Volga Dnepr’s decision to cut the use of brokers and deal with customers directly.

It reads: “BACA has been advised that Volga Dnepr has announced that it will no longer work with cargo charter brokers. The company has written to brokers informing them that in future, Volga Dnepr will only be dealing with clients directly, cutting out the role of the broker.

“BACA is disappointed to hear of this decision.  Specialist brokers play a vital role in arranging complex cargo flights, improving efficiency and the customer experience to the benefit of all concerned.

Choice is also being taken away from the customer, who may prefer to use a broker with whom they already have an established relationship.”

Throughout its nearly 70 year history, BACA has seen cycles in which certain operators cut broker relationships, only to re-open them once the shortcomings of doing so have manifested themselves.  On behalf of our members, we would urge Volga Dnepr to re-think this course of action and instead to work openly with brokers to ensure that the valuable services our brokers provide are efficiently meshed with Volga Dnepr’s cargo operations.  In that way, all involved can best represent the interests of the market customers.