Azzera Introduces Emissions Management Platform – Azzera Celeste – on Occasion of First Anniversary

Azzera, an innovative provider of sustainability solutions for aviation, today introduced Azzera Celeste, a groundbreaking online platform that allows aircraft operators to take action against emissions by providing access to voluntary and compliance carbon credit trading, sustainable aviation fuel certificates (SAFc), fleet management software integration and compliance market segregation services.

Azzera Celeste enables business aviation professionals to:

  • Consolidate all emissions management needs in an all-in-one platform
  • Automatically calculate fleet emissions through fleet management software integration
  • Save hundreds of hours by segregating emissions and extracting reports for various compliance needs, including the EU emissions trading system (ETS), UK-ETS, CH-ETS and Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)
  • Claim emissions reductions by acquiring SAFc via Azzera’s ‘Book and Claim’ system
  • Gain access to the largest vetted portfolio of carbon credits rated with Azzera’s ‘Impact Score’ and close the gap between demand and supply

Aircraft owners, operators and passengers are facing public, stakeholder and regulatory pressure to quickly implement solutions that advance a transition to global Net-Zero.

Azzera Celeste is a digital platform that merges the Azzera team’s unparalleled expertise and the latest digital technologies to create a catalyst for sustainable action.

“Azzera Celeste is a one-stop-shop for total carbon emissions management,” says Puja Mahajan, CEO and Co-Founder, Azzera.

“Presently, we are enrolling aircraft operators to participate in our beta testing phase. Participants will have access to our subscription-based platform for one year free of charge. We invite interested parties to visit us online or in-person at EBACE.”

Only one year after its official launch, Azzera has met and surpassed numerous milestones, including:

  • Selected to present at the Singapore Fintech Festival Haccelerator, November 2022
  • Winner of the Innovation Start-Up Award at the World Innovation Economics at the WEF (Davos), January 2023
  • Accepted into the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada program, in collaboration with Transport Canada, to assist its Greening Government Strategy, March 2023

“In the last year, Azzera has established ongoing collaborations with industry leaders including Jetcraft, Jetex and Elit’Avia, which validates our mission of helping business aviation on its path to Net-Zero. Sustainability is perhaps the greatest challenge facing our industry and the time for action is now. Reflecting on the last year, we have seen a tremendous growth in the number of companies wanting to take sustainable action. We remain driven by our vision to reset aviation’s climate legacy,” concludes Puja Mahajan.