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AVTRIP to Go Digital for Cash Awards

After nearly 35 years of mailing awards to its loyalty program members, Avfuel Corporation’s AVTRIP rewards program will undergo the transition to a digital payout method.

The fuel supplier has unveiled its plan to update its awards process as early as the first quarter of 2023, in which case, AVTRIP members who are owed an award for the 2022 redemption period would experience a more efficient cash out with a debit push or PayPal® payout.

As a more innovative option than a standard debit transfer, the debit push payment securely sends money directly to the recipient in real time. Those who prefer PayPal can opt to receive their cash awards through its trusted payment platform.

Either option negates the need for any physical form of payment, circumventing the need for a check or even a gift card. Rather, funds are distributed directly to members’ accounts to be used however they prefer.

Outside of the initial account setup, award redemption will continue to be completely automatic for AVTRIP members, keeping the program as simple and rewarding as possible.

Members can expect extensive communications on how to set up their accounts for the new redemption process ahead of its launch.

“We’re excited to heighten our members’ experience with the AVTRIP program,” said Marci Ammerman, Avfuel’s vice president of marketing.

“After exhaustive testing, we’re ready to make the industry’s most efficient and rewarding program even more efficient by leveraging modern technologies for annual payouts.

“We anticipate the extensive preparations we’ve undergone for this transition will result in a smooth process for our members and a successful update in time for the 2023 awards.

“This is part of an overall initiative at Avfuel. Our team is continuously assessing our offerings to discover where efficiencies can be leveraged and how they can be adapted in a more sustainable way.”