Aviation Clean Air Expands Management Team

Aviation Clean Air (ACA) is pleased to announce that Jonathan Saltman has joined the company as a Member of the company’s ownership group. Saltman Is President and Founder of International Aero Companies, which includes International Aero Engineering (IAE). Earlier this year, ACA teamed with IAE to develop and produce a portable unit for disfencting aircraft while on the ground, utilizing the patented technology of the airborne ACA Ionization Purification System.

ACA began manufacturing our Ionization Purification System in 2014 and it was well-received by the business aviation community,” said Howard Hackney, ACA Managing Member. “With the advent of the panademic, we have seen increased demand for the airborne system and our business has really ramped up. In addition, the need for an effective ground-use unit became apparaent and that led to our partnership with Jonathan and IAE. His expertise and industry connections complement ACA’s management group, so having him more involved with the overall business is an asset as we look to our continued growth.”

Saltman is a well-established presence in the aviation industry. He founded International Aero in 1986, which has grown into a group of multiple companies that includes International Aero Engineering, LLC, International Aero Services, LLC, International Aero Products, LLC and International Aero Holdings, LLC. Collectively the group employs 200 individuals. Saltman started learning to fly at age 13 and achieved his solo flight in gliders on his 14th birthday, followed by a solo airplane flight on his 16th birthday. He received his private pilot’s license the following year. With a passion for cars and airplanes, he started detailing aircraft at a young age, and turned his passion into a thriving aviation and engineering business.

The products that ACA has brought to the marketplace are more essential now then ever,” stated Saltman. ”We want more aircraft operators and passengers to benefit from what those currently flying with the system or using the ground unit have experienced as the industry strives to keep passengers and crew safe and confident when they fly. I’m pleased to be part of the Aviation Clean Air team as we navigate the future.”

Recent testing results in a setting designed to replicate the ionization conditions of corporate and commercial aircraft interiors demonstrated that the needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI™) technology that powers ACA’s airborne and ground-use purification systems successfully neutralized by ionization the COVID-19 virus. The results showed neutralization began immediately and that up to 99.4% of the virus was inactivated within 30 minutes.