Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel showcased by Avfuel at Schedulers & Dispatchers 2019

Avfuel exhibited at the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference 2019, where they were dedicated to highlighting conversations on sustainable alternative jet fuel—the company’s focus throughout 2018 and the foreseeable future. 

Avfuel focused on Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) after a successful ‘flying green’ day at the Van Nuys airport on January 17. This was the first time sustainable alternative jet fuel has been available to operators at a business aviation airport, and the first time the fuel supplier launched the new SAJF product.

During the event, the airport served approximately 250 arrival and departure turbine operations.

Keith Sawyer, manager of alternative fuels at Avfuel, said: “It was an exciting event. Our team was eager to help facilitate the supply needs for the day and make our new product available to operators for a limited time. We’ve worked extensively on the logistics of procuring SAJF, and how to properly blend it, test it and store it, so to see it put into use was a major milestone.

“Having a committed space to facilitate these important conversations on SAJF is imperative to continuing our progress on this effort. We’re keen to discuss the product with attendees, educate them on the product and its viability for use, and hope to walk away with some commitments.”

According to Mr Sawyer, the main obstacle to the widespread adoption of the product is its availability, because there isn’t enough SAJF being produced to serve the aviation industry.