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AvFuel reports strong growth so far in 2018

Having ended 2017 on an upward trajectory— adding 241 contract fuel locations and finalizing two European branding partnerships—Avfuel Corporation is off to a strong start in 2018, the company reported.

Year to date, the industry’s leading global supplier of aviation fuels and services added 66 global contract fuel locations (33 in the U.S. and 33 abroad) and 18 new branded locations, including two prominent Italian FBOs: ARGOS VIP in Rome (LIRA) and Milan (LIML). “Our team entered the new year focused and motivated,” said Joel Hirst, vice president of sales for Avfuel.

“Our progress so far is a testament to that effort. We are proud to be aligned with the newest members of the Avfuel Network and look forward to fostering relationships old and new, bolstering our international presence, for the rest of the year.”

Indeed, the Avfuel team has no intention of slowing down as it returns home following one of the year’s largest international shows—EBACE. “The European market has been on an upswing, and our international business growth reflects that,” said C.R. Sincock, Avfuel’s managing director of business development.

“We’ve been steadily increasing our presence abroad over the years—both in terms of Avfuel staff members and customers. Our focus will remain on global business development and our 2018 goals further that initiative.”

Increasing its number of global locations—both branded FBOs and contract fuel locations—in strategic markets strengthens the Avfuel Network by making it a more valuable option for operators.

With value comes loyalty, which then benefits every member of the network, encouraging operators to keep flying and fueling within it. “It all comes down to fostering loyal relationships,” said Hirst.

“That’s what makes face-to-face opportunities like EBACE so important. Last week we were able to interact with international operators and educate them on both Avfuel’s services and our network locations.

The more connections we can make throughout the year—and the more loyal relationships we can foster—the better for everyone: both Avfuel and its various customer segments alike.”