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Avfuel Network enters 2018 on upward trajectory

Avfuel Corporation announced a banner year in 2017, providing momentum for further growth in the new year.

The nation’s leading independent supplier of aviation fuel and services experienced a remarkably good year in the addition of branded locations. In total, the company added more than 30 branded FBOs in strategic locations across North America and Europe, including Bohlke International Airways (TSIX) in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; Westair Aviation (EINN) of Shannon, Ireland; Denver jetCenter (KAPA) of Denver, CO; ACI Jet (KSNA) of Orange County, CA; and Castle & Cooke Aviation in Van Nuys, CA (KVNY), Honolulu, HI (PHNL), and Everett, WA (KPAE). This was in addition to some key contract renewals, including Air Service Basel (LFSB) and Sheltair (17 FBO locations).

“Our new and renewed branding partnerships from 2017 provide great value to flight departments and our FBO network,” said Joel Hirst, vice president of sales for Avfuel. “These are some of the best operations in the industry that are now flying the Avfuel flag; we’re excited to work with them to provide comprehensive services that help streamline their operations and provide flight departments with quality FBOs in key locations to fly in and fuel up.”

In addition, the company added 241 Avfuel Contract Fuel locations: 102 domestically and 139 internationally. This makes for a more robust network for flight departments looking to save money on fuel on every leg of their trip.

While these cost savings are a rewarding benefit to Avfuel Network users, the company also offers AVTRIP—the industry’s premier pilot loyalty program—which provided its customers with approximately $1.2 million in awards in the fourth quarter of 2017.

“Last year was very rewarding for Avfuel and our customers,” said C.R. Sincock, managing director of business development for Avfuel. “Strengthening the network is good for business and beneficial for end users, providing a more robust network in which to fly, and greater access to a reliable, competitive product and lucrative rewards. We look forward to continuing our focus on development—both domestically and internationally—in 2018, increasing the breadth of the Avfuel brand across the globe to better serve our loyal customers.”

Indeed, the company is already off to a great start in 2018 both domestically and internationally as it announces its new branded partnership with Lux Air Jet Centers—a premier FBO in Goodyear, AZ—two new branded locations in Davenport and Muscatine, IA, with Carver Aero, and a branding arrangement with ARGOS VIP’s locations in Rome (LIRA) and Milan (LIML), Italy. SDC attendees can visit with representatives from Lux Air Jet Centers (booth number 1660) and ARGOS VIP (booth number 1756) in the Avfuel Aisles to learn more about their amenities and services.