ATI Jet introduces Jetvia to accelerate innovation in private aviation

ATI Jet Inc.

ATI Jet Inc., the largest jet charter operator in the Southeast, announced today the launch of Jetvia as the retail arm of ATI Jet.

This launch marks a new chapter of digitalization and innovation including the development of new products and services to drive customer value.

This redesign has new features including Jetvia Rewards and a new, competitively priced fractional jet ownership program.

Jetvia, under CEO Lyle Byrum’s more than 39 years of experience in charter aviation, offers an innovative approach to private aviation, providing clients access to its owned and operated Learjet 60s, streamlined booking processes, and personalized travel experiences.

The company’s launch of Jetvia is a testament to ATI’s commitment to leveraging both safety and technology to meet the evolving needs of modern travellers.

Lyle Byrum, CEO of ATI Jet and Jetvia said: “The Jetvia name will represent our retail operations, fractional ownership, and Jet Cards, aiming to provide luxury private jet accommodations and grow into the largest midsize jet fractional and jet card provider in the US.

“Delivering value tailored to our customer’s individual needs is paramount.

“Jetvia will be our go-to-market brand and ATI Jet will continue to drive our innovative approach using the Learjet along with our in-house maintenance program.”