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ARGUS launches Second in Command gateway program

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is pleased to announce the launch of its Second in Command (SIC) Gateway Program, the program’s goal is to recognize valuable safety related experience beyond hours in the air, and to qualify pilots with quality experience to meet and/or exceed the ARGUS TripCHEQ SIC minimums.

“ARGUS recognizes more than flight hours determine the competency and qualification of a pilot,” said Joe Moeggenberg, President and CEO of ARGUS International, Inc.

“The Second in Command Gateway Program highlights competency-based training, and through our three Gateways we are able to acknowledge other forms of quality training within the industry.”

Pilots may meet/and or exceed SIC ARGUS TRIPCHEQ minimums through a mix of real-world experience, quality training experience, simulator training programs and/or operator training.

The program’s criteria ensure progressive safety standards through one of three ARGUS SIC Gateways, all which focus on core competencies. The three approved ARGUS SIC Gateways are: Military, Aeronautical University, and Ab Initio. These gateways provide pilots with an efficient, streamlined and accelerated path to meet ARGUS TripCHEQ SIC minimums.

The ARGUS SIC Gateway Program brings advanced safety curriculum highlighting real-world training, universally recognized criteria created by ARGUS International, a focus on competency/evidence-based training, and an emphasis on quality flight time and how that time is accumulated.

GATEWAY APPROVED ARGUS SIC TRIPCHEQ minimums are as follows: enhanced, competency-based training with a minimum of 500 total flight hours – 250 of those flight hours as Pilot in Command.

TripCHEQ, a comprehensive analysis of a commercial operator’s credentials, is an important component of the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) program also known as the ARGUS Ratings program.

CHEQ, created by ARGUS International, is a due diligence program that extracts, filters and vets data on charter operators giving accurate and detailed third-party information to charter operators, buyers and passengers around the world.

For an in-depth look at the ARGUS SIC Gateway Program and its three gateways, download the ARGUS SIC Gateway Program whitepaper, here.