ARGUS International honors Sun Air Jets as a Platinum Elite Operator

ARGUS International, a member of the SGS group, launched the continuous monitoring audit program, Platinum Elite, at NBAA-BACE 2021 with Jet Linx, Alerion Aviation and N-Jets.

Today, Sun Air Jets joins this elite group of operators who are committed to the utmost in aviation safety.

Platinum Elite is an industry-changing program available to select ARGUS Platinum rated operators.

The program features real-time operational safety performance monitoring and timely visibility to significant operator changes.

While traditional audit programs require audits every two years, Platinum Elite offers continual evaluation.

“Sun Air Jets obtaining Platinum Elite proves their commitment to safety and quality as a top operator,” said Mike McCready, ARGUS International President.

“All of us at ARGUS International Inc. have been impressed with their operation and proud to have them as a Platinum Elite rated operator.”

All ARGUS Platinum Elite Operators have achieved not only ARGUS Gold but a minimum of two cycles of the ARGUS Platinum rating to be eligible for the Platinum Elite continuous monitoring program.

“Sun Air Jets is excited to be part of such a safety conscious organization. We are raising the bar with the Platinum Elite Rating,” said Ed Fares, Sun Air Jets Director of Operations.