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AMSTAT announces a major milestone for its AMSTAT for Salesforce Integration

 “We are delighted in being able to help our clients save time and effort by creating linkages between the data we have in AMSTAT and the records in their Salesforce instance that drive their business. The fact that our clients have linked so many records to our data so quickly confirms that this integration is highly valued by our customers.”, said Kit Tankhiwale, AMSTAT Senior Product Innovator.

He added, “I never tire of hearing how easy we’ve made it to integrate our best-in-class information with their business processes using their existing Salesforce objects”.

 AMSTAT is not the only one who’s delighted in the success of this offering.

As per Ryan Lutz, Vice President at Charlie Bravo Aviation: “This integration saves me time by making it so easy to create and manage records in Salesforce. I can also reach the right prospects quickly because I have most current market research information already in Salesforce.”