Ampaire makes aviation history with first hybrid electric flight into Silicon Valley

Ampaire Inc., a leader in electric aviation technology, has achieved a historic milestone and unprecedented leap toward sustainable aviation, as CEO Kevin Noertker flew in the company’s flagship aircraft on the first-ever hybrid electric flight into Palo Alto Airport, to meet with investors in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As the first company to accomplish such a feat, Ampaire is leading the charge in reducing carbon emissions and operational costs in the aviation industry. This successful flight underscores the confidence Ampaire has in its technology.

It demonstrates the reliability, efficiency, and readiness of Ampaire’s hybrid electric airplanes, offering a glimpse into a future where air travel is greener and more accessible.

“The flight into Palo Alto Airport is not just a technical verification of our systems but a clear message that the era of electric aviation is upon us,” said Kevin Noertker, CEO of Ampaire.

“Palo Alto is renowned as a stomping ground for innovative startups that embrace new ideas and technologies. We invite forward-thinking investors to fly with us on our journey as we redefine the boundaries of air travel and push towards a zero-emissions future.”

The landmark flight highlights the vital role regional airports like Palo Alto play in bringing advanced, sustainable transportation options directly to the heart of communities.

Conveniently located near the famed Sand Hill Road, Ampaire hosted visits by local investors, key stakeholders, city council members and members of the press.

Guests had a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the potential of hybrid electric aviation and its far-reaching impact on the future of transportation.