AMETEK MRO consolidates business jet component MRO capabilities in Europe


AMETEK MRO, a provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, is consolidating its business jet MRO capabilities in Europe to support the rapid expansion of the business aviation sector worldwide.

AMETEK MRO AEM and ANTAVIA have both enhanced their MRO capabilities to provide comprehensive and reliable support for business jet manufacturers, owners, and operators.

The integration of advanced technologies, innovative processes, and highly skilled technicians within each facility enables the organisation to provide a wide range of component repair services, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of parts such as wheels & brakes, safety equipment including life rafts, avionics repairs and upgrades, and other specialised repairs.

AEM has recently expanded its escape raft capabilities for large and small corporate jets at its UK facility close to Stansted Airport.

ANTAVIA has opened a new battery shop, oxygen MRO capability, and specialist wheels & brakes services close to Paris Le Bourget. These strategically located facilities are focused on speed and efficiency to support the expanding business jet customer segment.

Ismael Fadili, VP Sales – Europe at AMETEK MRO, explains the sector’s growth and how that is impacting the organisation’s strategy. “Currently the European Business Jet Market size is estimated at US$4.60 billion and is expected to reach US$7.08 billion USD by 2030 so the component MRO segment of the market is expected to grow rapidly over the next six years.

“At AMETEK MRO AEM and ANTAVIA, we partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to gain the technical expertise and required MRO certification for performing on-site MRO services to business jets. These partnerships, which form the bedrock of our business in the commercial sector, will underpin our presence and share of the bizjet market.”

Fadili goes on to say that modifications and upgrades of the existing systems are being performed to maintain the current business jet fleet with up to date and newer technologies. “Our relationships with the OEMs enable us to stay abreast of the market with an inside track to changes and developments.

“Value to our customers is delivered through comprehensive aftermarket component repair capabilities underpinned by OEM quality.”