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Air Partner sponsors Erik Lindbergh, keynote speaker for BBGA annual conference

Erik Lindbergh keynote speaker

Air Partner, a Wheels Up company has announced the sponsorship of Charles Lindbergh’s grandson, Erik Lindbergh as keynote speaker at the British Business & General Aviation Association Annual Conference in London on 7 March.

Following the boundary-pushing legacy of his grandfather Charles Lindbergh, the first person to fly solo and nonstop from New York to Paris in 1927, Erik Lindbergh is an aerospace innovator committed to transforming the way people move around the planet through the development of the electric aircraft industry.

Echoing the theme of the conference ‘Looking Back…to the Future’, Erik Lindbergh’s keynote speech referenced nearly 100 years of aviation innovation since his grandfather effectively launched a golden era of transportation, his own personal goals to ‘escape from gravity’ and the advancement of technology whilst preserving the environment.

His talk was informative, inspirational, and visionary in equal measure.

Mark Briffa, Air Partner Group CEO says: “It was with great pride that we sponsored Erik Lindbergh as the keynote speaker of the British Business & General Aviation Association Conference in London.

“Our heritage, rooted in the skies since 1961, resonates deeply with the pioneering spirit epitomized by Erik’s grandfather, Charles Lindbergh.

“His monumental achievements in aviation continue to inspire us, making Erik’s presence an honour and testament to our shared commitment to innovation.”