aerops PPR Request Tool for airports officially launched

aeroPS is proud to announce the launch of its new PPR request function for its GAT cloud solutions. This new feature can be used for partner and non-partner airports and airfields alike.

aeroPS has been widely known for its cloud-based solutions for the digitized handling of payment processes between pilot users and airports, FBOs and airfields. The new digitized PPR function of aeroPS allows for the processing of requests centrally. All requests can be bundled together into one simple solution, without loss of information to the airport and allowing all staff access to these requests. With this new PPR function calling, emailing, faxing and waiting for a response could be a thing of the past.

Without much effort, an airport can easily integrate the PPR forms directly onto its own website, having the chance to create or customize fields or choose between three standard forms provided by aerops. Another feature is aerops’ ability to integrate into any operational, financial or navigation software provider that an airport operator is using. One example is aeroPS’ integration work with SAP for Hannover International Airport.

For a pilot user, all they would need to do is enter the necessary information into the fields and press “Send”. All the data is sent in real-time to the operator, thus making all communication direct and instantaneously.