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7th annual summit welcomes learning about Mediterranean marketplace

The 7th annual MBA Summit in Malta is aiming to open dialogue and learning regarding the business aviation marketplace in the Mediterranean.

The summit will provide the platform for manufacturers and operators as well as any organization interested in this exciting marketplace, to explore all aspects affecting the future of this industry.

It is a unique opportunity to debate the future of business aviation, learn about the latest developments in light jets, explore the regional air taxi market, discuss different business models, learn about the regional infrastructure development, and network with leading experts in the Mediterranean.

According to a press release, the main reasons for attending are:

  • Debate the future of business aviation!
  • Learn about the latest developments!
  • Discuss different business models!
  • Learn about the regional infrastructure development!
  • Network with leading experts in the Mediterranean!

The summit will take place in Sliema, Malta on September 19.