Female appointed as marketing manager at Blackhawk Modifications

Blackhawk Modifications Lindsay Allmon, who joined Blackhawk Modifications almost three years ago and has played a key role the Marketing Department, before gradually expanding her role to manager.

Donnie Holder, Vice President of Marketing, said: “Lindsay’s dedication and energy are truly transforming Blackhawk’s Marketing Department into something better and even more compelling. I have absolute faith that her new leadership role will see the tactical side of our marketing plan executed with precision and style.”

In Ms Allmon’s new role, she will have more involvement in overall departmental decisions in addition to her previous responsibilities. She said: “I am so thankful and honored to be part of the Blackhawk Team. It has been a truly educational, exciting, wonderful experience and I look forward to the challenges and opportunities this new position will bring.”

Blackhawk Modifications, Inc. has the largest installed fleet of STC twin- and single-engine turboprop upgrades, making them one of the largest buyers of new Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines in the world.