West Star Aviation Shows Commitment to Sustainability as Part of Colorado Green Business Network

West Star Aviation’s Grand Junction location has been a member of the Colorado Green Business Network (formerly known as the Colorado Governor’s Environmental Leadership Program) since 2009. 

As a Gold Member of this organization West Star Aviation reaches out annually and selects an organization to sponsor and together develop an Environmental Sustainability Project.

For 2022/2023 West Star Aviation selected Grand Junction High Schools STEM Class for this year’s project to design, build, and install a solar charging station for students to use for their personal electronic devices. 

The students designed (4) charging stations that support (4) individual charging ports each.  This project is being rolled out in conjunction with the new high school facility currently under construction.

West Star Aviation sees great value in supporting these future business leaders and showing them how Environmental Sustainability should be reviewed as a larger part of facility expansion plans.

This program teaches the students how to network with local businesses and develop a Return-on-Investment Matrix. 

The in-depth process also teaches them how to navigate a project through all steps of development from concept to reality. 

This process enriches the students by guiding them through the stages of development including initial idea, renderings, technical drawings, to an active construction project, and finally to the final produced/active project.