Welojets launches specialized Group Charter Desk

Welojets, the private jet provider based in Madrid and with offices in Miami and Buenos Aires, has launched a specialized Group Charter Desk to serve the rising demand for global private aviation group charters.

Led by its commercial director and a dedicated team of specialized group charter executives, the company will have sole marketing rights for a recently added Boeing 737-500 with the aim to increase its long-range group charter capabilities.

These new aircraft will complement the company’s ability to source all types of certified transatlantic and regional airliners for group charter purposes.

“Private aviation group charters offer several advantages over commercial airlines, including the ability to customize the itinerary and schedule, the convenience of avoiding crowded airports and security lines, and the privacy and comfort of a dedicated aircraft”, states Julián Jaramillo, commercial director at Welojets.

“We identified an opportunity to serve a growing market, backed by a change in how customers want to experience air travel, with more flexibility and overall control of the journey.

“This tailored service is especially relevant for those looking to save time while getting from point A to B safely and without any setbacks.”

The private aviation group charter market has grown in recent years, fueled by increased demand for personalized travel experiences and the growing recognition of the benefits of private aviation.

Touring artists, sports teams, travel agencies, and companies will continuously benefit from the tailor-made approach offered by Welojets’ Group Charter Desk.

“Our experience serving private jet customers worldwide separates us from the competition by understanding what time efficiency and reliability mean to our customers, in contrast to other providers that just source a large aircraft for a group without thinking about the consumer experience throughout the journey and how to provide active solutions during the process for those booking the flight”, shares Jaramillo.