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Universal Avionics launches blog focusing on industry

Universal Avionics has launched a new blog, called the “UA Blog” as a way to provide insightful first-person perspectives about top-of-mind industry topics from the company’s thought-leaders and guest writers.

“We have been hearing more and more questions surrounding the complex environment of meeting NextGen and other industry mandates,” said Michelle James, Universal Avionics Director of Marketing and Communications. “Therefore, we created the UA Blog with the intention to help readers stay up-to-date on industry and regulatory matters, firsthand from our experts,” she added. “We welcome comments, questions, and feedback, including topics readers would like to see covered and requests for guest bloggers.”

Universal Avionics hopes the UA Blog will become a helpful resource for industry contacts in the Business, Helicopter, Airline, Government/Military, Special Missions, and OEM markets. Topics to be covered include: EGNOS, ADS-B Out, LPV, CPDC-Departure Clearances (DCL), and more.

Those interested can subscribe to the UA Blog at www.uasc.com/hub/blog to receive email notifications when new content is posted.