Strasbourg Airport proposes business aviation developments

Strasbourg Airport has put forward a proposal to develop its business aviation infrastructure.

The airport, in a proposal document, noted “Strasbourg Airport is strategically located, both economically and diplomatically, in the centre of the

Serving the European capital and the 21 European institutions based there, Strasbourg Airport hosts significant business aviation activity (for both diplomatic and economic reasons), which will develop strongly in the coming years along with the development of this type of aviation”.

The airport stated that in order to meet upcoming demand for business aviation and to meet demand in the sector, infrastructure needs to be well-equipped.

The airport has planned a number of improvements and changes for the 2019-2020 period including:

  • The extension of the Bravo apron, dedicated to business aviation, integrating new aircraft
    positions to cover an area of 8,400 m²,
    • The creation of a new taxiway, called Romeo, to provide code E aircraft with access to this
    • Implementation of EASA standards for the entire zone,
    • The creation of a new access road to the zone and the demolition of old military buildings
    still situated on the access, Servicing required for the construction of landside buildings, next to the business aviation
    apron, in the construction and/or operation of the buildings,
  • in the management and development of an FBO, a VIP lounge, and hangars, guaranteeing a
    high level of service quality,
    • in the installation of mechanical activity to meet the demands of the aircraft based on and
    around the airport,
    • in the development of transportation solutions by home-basing business aircrafts to meet
    the demands of local institutions and businesses.

Further detail to the plans above can be read in the full proposal document here.