Sheltair Partners with Turtles Fly Too in Network-wide Discount Program

Sheltair Aviation has announced its partnership with Turtles Fly Too, a registered 501c3 charity for the purpose of maintaining the ongoing rescue, rehabilitation, research, and education efforts for endangered sea turtles, further strengthening the company’s growing culture and reputable mission: Family First. Fuel, Build, Serve.

Founded in 2014, Turtles Fly Too works to improve the survival rates of endangered species through the help of general aviation pilots making emergency transport flights.

They are dedicated to their mission to coordinate and facilitate the inclusion of general aviation in large-scale “first responder” relocation efforts.

Many organizations including NOAA call on Turtles Fly Too to provide air transportation when endangered species are threatened, either through a cold stun event, entanglement, or injury.

These transports are made possible by the donation of time, equipment, and fuel from “Turtle Fliers,” the devoted and generous pilots associated with Turtles Fly Too.

Using flights instead of ground transport shortens travel time and therefore reduces stress on these turtles and other endangered species.

“I have been fortunate through my travels to have the opportunity to witness the wonder of marine life and the beauty of sea turtles while snorkeling and respectfully admiring their underwater habitat,” recalls Lisa Holland, President and CEO of Sheltiar.

“We’re thrilled that our FBO network is positioned to provide premium service to best support Turtles Fly Too and its mission.

“It’s a sentiment shared by our aviation family at Sheltair to want to see our oceanic neighbors survive and thrive.”

Pilots performing missions for Turtles Fly Too are no strangers to Sheltair where they frequently arrive and the individual FBO locations would offer to waive fees.

In honor of the on-going relationship with Turtles Fly Too, Sheltair is thrilled to introduce a fuel discount program valid at all Sheltair FBOs.

Additionally, the family-owned aviation company understands how important education and inspiring the next generation is to Turtles Fly Too that they have committed to sharing that passion with their guests and online audience.

“It is because of our critical work with these amazing pilots that we are honored to announce our new partnership with Sheltair, a family-owned business known for its service-driven corporate culture,” says Leslie Weinstein, Founder and President of Turtles Fly Too.

“Having the support and partnership of Sheltair will make a difference in our work of transporting these turtles and other endangered species to rehabilitation hospitals.

“Aviation has always been at the core of our mission because transporting these vulnerable animals by aircraft, rather than by ground, shortens travel time and reduces stress, facilitating quicker recovery times.

“Companies like Sheltair, that have a strong corporate social responsibility and care about the animals with which we share the oceans, are key to our success.”

Focused on elevating and serving the communities in the cities they operate in, Sheltair is devoted to further its commitment to Turtles Fly Too and their mission to making a positive impact in the lives of endangered marine animals.

Pilots interested in volunteering can sign up atwww.TurtlesFlyToo.org.