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Safely Integrating eVTOL Aircraft into the National Airspace in 2025 is a Top Priority for the FAA

You can’t electrify (aviation), until you certify (your aircraft with the FAA), which is why yesterday’s visit to Archer HQ by FAA Acting Administrator, Billy Nolen, and Director of Certification, Lirio Liu, along with others from the FAA was a noteworthy event on our path to commercializing our Midnight aircraft.

The half-day visit included discussions about how we plan to safely integrate our eVTOL aircraft into the National Airspace System, our plans for aircraft manufacturing, a tour of our facilities and a demonstration of our aircraft flight simulator.

There were a few key takeaways from the meeting for our team:

• A Top Three Priority | The FAA’s leaders reiterated that the safe integration of eVTOL aircraft into the national airspace is a top three priority to ensure the U.S. continues to lead the world in aerospace innovation

• 2025 is the Target | Safely integrating eVTOL aircraft into the national airspace in 2025 is the target we’re collectively working toward together

• eVTOL Aircraft Taking Center Stage at 2028 Olympics | Ensuring eVTOL aircraft are operating, at scale, in time for the 2028 Olympics in LA is a key outcome the FAA and Archer are focused on

From the day the Wright Flyer took flight in Kitty Hawk, NC back in 1903, the U.S. has led the world in aviation innovation. eVTOL aircraft represent the next frontier of innovation for the aviation industry and present huge potential upside for consumers as well as the U.S. economy.