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Raisbeck receives ANAC STC approval for propeller

Raisbeck Engineering, Inc., a leading provider of performance enhancement systems for business and commercial aircraft, today announced that it has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval from the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil for its Composite Five-Blade Swept Propeller for the King Air 350 series aircraft.

“We are thrilled our Brazilian customers are now able to benefit from the advantages the Composite Five-Blade Swept Propellers bring to the King Air 350,” said Bill Lally, Vice President of Customer Support.

“This new STC approval broadens our abilty to offer the Composite Five-Blade Swept Propeller to customers across the globe.” In addition to ANAC STC approval, the Composite Five-Blade Swept Propeller has received certification from the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and Australia, with Transport Canada and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approvals expected soon.

Raisbeck’s Composite Five-Blade Swept Propeller, designed to improve the King Air 350 comfort, performance and efficiency, was developed in collaboration with Hartzell Propeller. At 106-inches in diameter, the Composite Five-Blade Swept Propeller reduces weight and contributes to improved short field and climb performance, while providing strength, durability and lowering cockpit and cabin sound levels.