Private Aviation Social Network takes off

Fly C₂LEAN, a division of The UAV Leasing Company which is actively developing solutions for a cleaner private aviation industry, is seeing a rise in demand from operators to use its empty legs Social Network app.

There are tens of flights flying empty every day around the world. These flights, called Empty Legs, which are usually at a discounted price since they are paid for by a primary customer who doesn’t need the return leg, could contribute to the overall bad image of business aviation, already very much under the spotlight.

Fly C₂LEAN tackled the issue and created an Empty Legs “Locator” app to make recycling of empty flights easy.

The app, called “My Private Jet Locator”, is designed as a social network where users locate private jets on a map and can easily interact with the Community by posting comments, very much in a similar fashion to Instragram.

The goal is to allow users to find travel buddies and share the cost of the flight; but it can also help operators interact with end-users and adapt routing/pricing in real time.

The targeted market is business/first class commercial customers who could be tempted by the extra flexibility offered by a private jet in terms of schedule and destinations.

“I really like the concept of this app, I think placing aircraft on a map is unique and gives great situational awareness to users who don’t necessarily know every airfield in their vicinity”, says Orlin Valkov, CEO of Comac Trans.

“We are a small company with 2 aircraft and need all the visibility we can get. Also, this app opens a brand new market segment”.

Currently, the app is only available on Android, the iOS version is scheduled for release later this Summer.

The 2.0 version will also offer the possibility to buy virtual advertising space near airports and landmarks and will become a luxury travel marketplace.