New Hawaii FBO coming ‘late 2019’

A new Hawaiian FBO at Ellison Onizuka International Airport is set to open in late 2019, according to its operator, Kona Jet Center.

The new FBO – touted as the ‘spirit of aloha’ – is aiming to ‘redefine general aviation’ on the Hawaiian location of Kailua, Kona.

On the company’s website, it is stated:

“Coming in late 2019, this new corporate aviation complex will offer the only private general aviation ramp area on the airport. It will also include a 7,000 sq. ft. executive terminal, two large hangar structures and a state-of-the-art 50,000-gallon fuel storage facility.

  • Open concept executive terminal facility with a distinctly Hawaiian feel
  • Air side property 15.3 acres
  • General aviation services and personal services
  • Multiple hangars
  • Full service FBO
  • Fuel delivery with Avfuel.”

The site also details the new FBO’s executive terminal, hangers and ramp, services and its partnership with Avfuel.

Konda Jet Center states on the executive terminal: “This large open concept executive terminal facility will have a distinctly Hawaiian feel with a 40-foot high clerestory-style atrium. This will be the most modern facility on the islands, but with a true spirit of aloha for all who enter the terminal.

Designed to support passengers and flight crews who just completed, or are about to embark on, a long flight to or from this oasis in the middle of the Pacific, the terminal will have all the amenities expected in today’s general aviation terminals including comfortable waiting areas, large plush restrooms, conference areas and technology to meet all the needs of travelers, including high-speed wireless connectivity on the ramp.”

The rest of the site can be found here.