Metrojet Completes The First Hong Kong G650 8C Inspection

The Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) station of Hong Kong-based Metrojet Limited has recently completed an 8C inspection on a Gulfstream G650 aircraft.

The check was the first of its kind performed in Hong Kong.

The team of professional engineers from the Metrojet HK MRO conducted more than a hundred different maintenance tasks from nose to tail on the managed aircraft.

Performing an event such as a heavy 8C inspection requires all the maintenance facility, tooling, and engineering skills to be up to the highest international standards.

Metrojet’s Managing Director, MRO, Mr Dave Yip commented, “This check is a milestone event for the Metrojet HK MRO. Our engineering team always strives to enhance their capabilities, provides a quality product and aims to deliver extensive and on-schedule inspection services to our customers at a competitive price.

“Building upon our successful first G650 8C inspection, we are delighted to have received a second 8C inspection event from a third-party operator.”