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JSSI Q2 2018 report: average flight hours see biggest increase in decade

Average flight hours in the second quarter of 2018 exceeded the 30-hour ceiling for the first time in a decade, according to a newly-published report by JSSI.

The JSSI Business Aviation Index tracks and reports on the global flight activity and utilization of approximately 2,000 business aircraft.

Each report summarizes the average flight hours flown per aircraft on a monthly basis and organizes this data into key categories and nine regions.

Key findings in the first-quarter data include:

  • Average flight hours increased 4.6 percent year to date.
  • Average aircraft utilization of 30.35 hours for the second quarter was only the fourth time activity has surpassed 30 hours, with the previous three occurrences all taking place in 2008.
  • Of the nine industries analyzed, seven reported an increase and two reported a decrease in quarter-over-quarter flight activity. The growth was primarily driven by the business services sector, which saw a 15.8 percent increase in flight activity compared to first quarter of 2018. The aviation sector reported an increase of 11.3 percent and the consumer goods sector reported an increase of 7.7 percent. The largest decreases were seen in the real estate sector, with a 7.4 percent reduction in activity, and the construction sector, which reported a decrease of 1.6 percent.
  • Seven key regions are sampled in the index. Significant quarter-over-quarter increases were reported in Europe, with an 18.3 percent increase in average flight hours; and the Middle East, with a 16.4 percent increase. Decreases from the first quarter were seen in South America, with a drop in average flight hours of 3.1 percent; and Africa, with a 1.6 percent decrease.
  • All seven regions reported increases in year-over-year flight activity. Significant growth was seen in Asia-Pacific, with a 12.6 percent increase in average flight hours; Europe, with a 13.3 percent increase; and South America, with a 6.4 percent increase.
  • North America flight hours increased 4.5 percent quarter over quarter and 2.4 percent year over year.

The full report can be read here.