HondaJet Elite deliveries begin in Japan

Honda Aircraft Company has announced that it has delivered the first HondaJet Elite in Japan.

The first customer delivery follows the HondaJet Elite’s receipt of type certification from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) on 7 December, 2018.

To commemorate the type certification and the first delivery of a HondaJet Elite in Japan, Honda Aircraft Company held a ceremony at Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), which was attended by JCAB Director-General Kuniharu Ebina, Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company and Gentaro Toya, Chief Executive of HondaJet Japan.

After Kuniharu Ebina presented the HondaJet Elite’s Japan type certification to Michimasa Fujino, the HondaJet Elite was delivered to Kotaro Chiba, founder of Japan’s Drone Fund and the first HondaJet customer in Japan.

In June 2018, Honda Aircraft Company began sales of the HondaJet Elite in Japan through HondaJet Japan. Since expanding to the region, the company has taken orders for more than 10 aircraft.

Honda Aircraft Company predident and chief executive officer, Michimasa Fujino said: “It has been our dream to see the HondaJet flying in the skies above Honda’s home country of Japan and we are proud to mark this major milestone for Honda’s aviation business.

“Honda Aircraft Company’s goal is to improve people’s lifestyles throughout Japan by introducing them to business aviation with the HondaJet Elite. We aspire to popularize business aviation in the region, ultimately creating a society where business jets are widely-accepted and used for personal and professional use.”