Gulfstream renames Product Support to Customer Support

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today highlighted its continued emphasis on the customer-focused service experience by renaming Product Support, its maintenance and support organization, Customer Support.

“This shift underscores the tremendous degree to which we prioritize and value our customers,” said Derek Zimmerman, president, Gulfstream Customer Support.

“Caring for our customers’ aircraft remains the foundation of our business, and the emphasis on our customers’ experience is equally important. This rebranding puts our focus squarely where it should be. Quite simply, there is no product without a customer.”

Gulfstream Customer Support encompasses those functions that maximize customer satisfaction post-delivery. Its growing portfolio of products and services creates an exceptional customer experience.

Gulfstream maintains the largest company-owned customer support network in business aviation, combining more than 4,700 professionals with a spare parts inventory of more than $1.6 billion that feeds into more than 30 factory-owned and authorized maintenance facilities worldwide.

“The commitment to putting our customers first has been a part of our heritage since the initial Gulfstream I entered service in 1958,” Zimmerman said.

“As we’ve evolved, we continue to simplify and enhance the customer experience. A recent example of this is the creation of our Aircraft Ownership Service program.”

Aircraft Ownership Service (AOS), introduced in the fall of 2017, is a turnkey maintenance and operations program for business-jet owners who want the convenience of private air travel as well as a simplified aircraft ownership experience.

Gulfstream supports, operates and maintains aircraft for AOS enrollees from delivery through the jet’s life cycle. Participants choose from a suite of offerings, tailoring the program to fit their specific needs and capabilities.

“Designed by our customers, AOS provides more than a service and goes beyond the usual parameters of support,” Zimmerman said. “Under AOS, we become a true partner with our customers.”