Geneva Airpark adds indoor GPS ensuring pilots save ‘precious time’

Geneva Airpark have installed an indoor GSP system in its ‘five star residence’ for business jets which aims to save pilots time and makes operating out of the FBO more comfortable.

A press release noted: “Geneva Airpark, the 5* residence for business jets, is continuing to invest in new equipment which not only means increased comfort and safety, but also saves time.

Since August 2018, the large 10’000 sq meters Geneva Airpark hangar has been equipped with a dual GNSS system, designed by Bristish company FalTech, known for developing extremely reliable solutions for land, sea and air use.

Geneva Airpark has selected a GNSS equipment compatible with GPS L1: 1575 Mhz, Glonass (Russia) and Galiléo (Europe) sytems. These devices eliminate glare and may be immediately aligned.”