Embraer launches the next generation of AHEAD tool for Commercial and Executive Aviation

Embraer Services & Support launched today the next generation version of AHEAD (Aircraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis) system, at the Paris Air Show.

The tool helps airlines and customers to implement digital predictive maintenance on their E-Jet or Embraer Executive Jets fleets, using data to identify and predict potential issues before they become critical.

AHEAD integrates and analyzes trends from several systems such as engine parameters, pneumatics, hydraulics, landing gear, navigation, and instruments.

The monitoring can detect anomalies and identify patterns that indicate potential issues and systems degradation, setting preventive action opportunities.

The system’s new version was developed using the expertise of Embraer Services & Support engineering which has 20 years of experience doing aircraft data analysis for predictive maintenance of E-Jets fleet.

This solid knowledge was the base to implement 12 new reliability trends of aircraft systems for early degradation detection on E2; predictive capabilities powered with Machine Learning; and troubleshooting enhancement for Flight Controls No Dispatch.

“AHEAD uses predictive analytics solutions to forecast when maintenance tasks will be needed by our customers, allowing them to plan maintenance schedules in advance”, says Johann Bordais, President & CEO, Embraer Services & Support.

“By planning in advance, they can avoid unnecessary maintenance and reduce the time that aircraft spend on the ground. This helps our customers optimize their resources and improve operational efficiency.”