Duncan Aviation signs parts agreement with Honeywell

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce the signing of a new PRES (Parts Reclamation Engine Surplus) agreement with Honeywell Aerospace.

This agreement applies to Honeywell TFE731-2 & -3 engines and engine parts and re-authorizes Duncan Aviation to purchase, inspect, repair as necessary, and recertify serviceable parts using Honeywell technical information.

All parts are returned to service with a signed FAA 8130-3 and EASA dual-release tag.

There is real value in reclaimed engine parts. As an engine reaches its life-limit, it can still contain good components. Reclaimed parts are a lower-cost alternative that allows aging aircraft to continue to provide valuable flight services to their operating companies for longer periods of time.

All reclaimed engine parts are authorized Honeywell parts that have been put back to work using OEM technical data.

“It’s simple economics,” says James Prater, Duncan Aviation Engine Services Manager. “Reclaimed engine parts give operators more options to control costs, experience faster turntimes, and reduce operating costs to extend the life of their aircraft.”

Duncan Aviation is a Honeywell TFE731 Heavy Maintenance Facility and has had several years of experience buying, selling and exchanging TFE731 engines and engine parts.

The two companies have worked together for nearly four decades to provide support to all models of the Honeywell TFE731 engines.