Duncan Aviation Delivers Fully Refurbished Citation 750

When this Citation 750 arrived at Duncan Aviation’s full-service facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, the interior was simple, beige, and lacked any pattern or design.

The headrests were uncomfortable and didn’t function well, the seat design was plain and standard, and the interior was worn.

The experts at Duncan Aviation completely overhauled the aircraft’s interior and exterior, turning it into a masterpiece that will withstand the test of time.

Focus on Seating
The owner of the aircraft envisioned a classic updated scheme that included subtle patterns in a cool grey, almost navy color scheme.

Highlights of the interior included quilted double-stitched diamond pattern inserts in the seats and dark, rich navy sidewalls.

“He wanted the seats to be the stars,” said Duncan Aviation Lead Designer Heather Pridemore.

“The contouring shape of the seats, accentuated with blue accent stitch lines, make the seats feel taller and definitely help them stand out.”

The stitching was done using Duncan Aviation’s new state-of-the-art CNC machine that allows the upholstery team to create perforation, multi-color sewing, and multi-color embroidery on aircraft seats and panels.

“This machine allows us to control the quality and turntimes, and lets our imaginations run wild with possible designs,” says Duncan Aviation’s Upholstery Team Leader Travis Smith.

“The designs are pretty close to endless with what we can do on quilted panels.”

The owner liked the dark, cool grey theme in his interior, but wanted to bring in a splash of color. The result was dark, rich blue lower sidewalls that give a classic, yet unique look to the interior. They tie in perfectly with the blue stitching on the seats.

The carpet is another highlight of the interior. The owner told Pridemore he wanted a darker carpet, so she picked a pattern that had light accents in it to help balance the darkness of the lower sidewalls and the lightness of the seats.

“Everything tied in so well together,” said Pridemore. “Being a small aircraft, it was a priority to make everything look and feel cohesive and flow seamlessly.”