Duncan Aviation appoints new assistant manager of customer services in Battle Creek

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce the appointment of assistant manager for the customer service facility in Michigan. Ted Roethlisberger is pleased to accept this new position in Battle Creek.

Luke Swager, manager of customer service, said: “Through his recent work as a project manager, he has shown that he has the skills and temperament necessary to help our team continue to grow and improve. Mr Roethlisberger has been willing to take the time necessary to build relationships and educate fellow team members.”

Mr Roethlisberger sad: “In my 10 years at Duncan Aviation, I have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of many different areas of our business, and the one constant is the desire of our team members to provide our customers with the best service and experience possible.”

Roethlisberger joined Duncan Aviation in 2008 as the manager of business process and continuous improvement. Last year, he transitioned to the role of project manager.