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Duncan Aviation creates searchable live STC database

Duncan Aviation’s engineering and certification services department has created a searchable database of the Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), which are available for sale.

In the three weeks the database has been live, the company has received 20 requests to quote for its listed STCs. Previously, many of the STCs were not available for sale outside of Duncan Aviation, and many owners and operators may not have know these STCs existed.

Shawn Carraher, manager of engineering and certification services business development for Duncan Aviation, said: “We’ve been providing engineering and certification services for our customers for more than 30 years, and featuring our STC database on our website gives our customers an idea of the range of STC solutions we hold and now have available for sale. The posted list of STCs is not exhaustive, as Duncan Aviation holds more than 500 STCs.”

The first requests were for STCs related to Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS), and connectivity for Cessnas, Hawkers, and Challengers, and more.

Carraher adds: “We anticipate fielding a great deal of traffic from this site. Since it has recently been made available outside the Duncan Aviation enterprise, our engineering and certification services have been in higher demand for a diverse group of projects.“

Operators can search the STC database by aircraft or by STC category. Searching by aircraft lets Duncan Aviation’s customers narrow the search for available STCs according to the model of their aircraft and searching by STC category lets customers find the type of STC Duncan Aviation has developed.